Welcome to our blog about sustainability and our Ecoscaping business and co-op, GlassRoots!

We are so excited to share everything we have learned and what we will continue to learn with everyone. In this blog you will find information on what we plan to offer as an up and coming business as well as a medley of other posts and topics about sustainability. With new tips, entertainment, recipes, jokes, how to’s and other educational substance surrounding sustainability there will be plenty to learn and observe. We will incorporate guest bloggers, interviews, Q and A segments and lots of exploitive new and old environmental science’s to help keep you interested and informed. We believe that sharing education and learning with others is rewarding to us all and it rewards us with a thriving community. Together we are much more capable of making impact both locally and eventually (together) globally.

Benny and I will be working on transitioning our home as well as a handful of friends’ homes and lives into sustainable lifestyles. We invite you to witness this journey and approach it with genuine curiosity; watch us as our lives shift, our health improves and our bills decrease. If you choose, you will be able to mimic our projects learn from us (our failures and our successes) and apply them in your own life. For those of you that lack the time, energy – or maybe you just don’t like to sweat, we will be happy to supply you with any of our services as we become ready to take on projects and piece work. There has never been a business with our full concept so we are learning as we go.

This is to be a story about change. About evolution. About using our talents, passions and knowledge as a team to better ourselves and others. To shift from draining, unstable and unrewarding systems to renewable, cost efficient and rewarding solutions. With small adjustments and little effort these tips and projects can easily enhance your already existing lifestyle. We will be demonstrating areas in most of our lives were wasted potential hides in plain sight. What could you be doing to produce something rewarding from your property? What is the cheapest way to start going green? How much does it cost to switch to a solar-powered home and how do you go about doing it? Does organic pest control work? What are some of the ways to get around pesky HOA’s and their strict land laws? We will be covering topics like these and so much more. There will be something for everybody.

We have a growing team of moonlighters volunteering their time, land or home that will be helping us build our business co-op and we look forward to introducing you to all these wonderful souls as we all work together. – Jessie Lane

Our future is back to nature.